About the Pastor

Dr. Jude Kebei holds multiple degrees, including a bachelor’s in theology (2006), Bachelor & Masters in Christian counseling (2018), bachelor and master’s in business administration (2022), Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education (2019) and a Degree in Scientology (2005). After completing his bachelor’s in theology, he served as a pastor under Bishop Dr. Joseph Kobo of Anointed Voice of African Church from 2006 to 2008 in Lusikisiski, South Africa. In 2008, he joined Kingdom Embassy and became a pastor in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa under APST. Dr. Alex Tsela. Later, he moved to the USA and established the first Kingdom Embassy Center Int. outside of Africa under the guidance of Dr. Alex Tsela. He has received awards in Business Ethics, United States History, and Leadership & Success from Western Governors University (WGU) USA. Currently, Rev. Dr. Kebei serves as the President and Director of Kingdom Embassy Center Int. USA and has over 10 years of experience as a pastor, as well as four-plus years in the mortgage company industry, working in various roles.

About The church

    Kingdom Embassy Center International, being the first branch out of Africa to abroad, The Embassy itself was born in 2003 as Outreach Christian Community Church (OCC Church) in South Africa. 2013 saw a broadening of the vision not only in our name but also in the scope. It is intentional that we do not identify ourselves as a church, but rather as a center of EMPOWERMENT with the purpose of the RESTORING of people to their creation status and mandate, through the establishing & modeling Kingdom culture on earth in various pillars of society.
    The Embassy, as we are affectionately known, is first and foremost a Kingdom organization and a global entity with the express purpose of establishing and modeling Kingdom culture on earth. Pioneered by Dr Alex Tsela together with his wife, Minister Busie Tsela; who are disciples of Apostle MB Zwane & Minister L Zwane who founded the Light For the Nations Christian Ministries in Swaziland.

Kingdom Embassy CentER International USA



We exist for the “restoration of people to their creation status and mandate,” by establishing & modeling the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, so that the WILL of our Father will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


•”Becoming the GREATEST kingdom culture catalyst and agency on earth” and thus growing very large like the fig tree for the benefit of humanity to the glory of God.

•We established Vision 2034 as a growth strategy to establish 640 centres and initiatives in different spheres of society (see 7 pillars model) by 2034. 



Our Mission & Values

Establishing a new Kingdom Culture, and globally

Our paradigm and approach to Spiritual & Marketplace ministry is centered around the 7 pillars of society, which we believe need to influence with the Kingdom Culture.

1.  Politics- controls the systems;

2. Education- develops the controller;

3. Business -finances the controller and the systems

4. Family-foundation for humanity;

5. Media, Arts & Showbiz (MAS) –vehicle for impact

6. Health -necessity for humans in physical realm;

7. Church/Ministry- the central platform for developing the culture


Jesus loves You so do We

Know and be known | Love and be loved Serve and be served |Celebrate and be celebrated Admonish and be admonished


Our Values

  • Righteousness,
  • Humility
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Thinking
  • Wealth