Disclosures for Kingdom Embassy Website


Entity: The organization with name, Kingdom Embassy Center International is based in the United States with address at 3550 W. Peterson Avenue Chicago, IL, 60659, and is the author of this fund raising targeted towards church and community center purchase.


The Fund raising: In the aim of raising funds by the entity established above, all sales will be performed through the raffle draw link on the official website www.kingdomembassycenterusa.com for the purchase of a ticket.


Obtaining a ticket: The completion of a purchase through the raffle draw will generate a ticket with a random number specific to the payee and can’t, won’t and shouldn’t pertain to anyone else except the payee.


Payment: Each payment will not be more than or less than $10 but exactly the amount stated as is, per ticket. Total number of tickets intended for purchase will be a multiple of each ticket amount totaling expected total payment.


Prize for Draw: This fundraising is geared towards getting a ticket(s) with aim to win an SUV (liberty jeep) as first prize of this event. Car condition have been evaluated and matched for this event.


Refunds: The completion of each payment by the buyer will be non-refundable not now, not after and not anytime in the near future during or after the raffle draw has been completed and released of as prize to the winner through the balloting process.


Obtaining the car: Car will be made available to winner, if in the state of Illinois, church selected individuals will hand-deliver to their residence unless purchaser decides to pick up car by his/herself. If car is won outside of Chicago or internally, purchaser will be given prerogative for car to be sold and money sent to them or picking car up by themselves.


These rules remain binding throughout the life of this raffle draw for the accomplishment of raising funds by the entity thereof.